Our mission is to serve toward building a clean-energy world by providing and supporting world-class research, conducting outreach and education toward designing and promoting policies that accelerate the deployment and development of clean-energy technologies, and identify ways to adapt to climate change. Our task is to advance research and education in climate change and global warming and, ultimately, to improve the quality of life for all.


The Earth Lab Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Kirkland, Washington and is an independent non-profit service organization governed by a Board of Trustees and an Advisory Committee.


The Earth Lab Foundation also provides functional outreach and reverse research and educational efforts in part through EarthLab.com, (www.earthlab.com), the leading Global Warming / Climate Crisis online community with the most widely used carbon calculator in the world, capable of providing unsurpassed real time data collection from consumers worldwide. Presently the Earth Lab Foundation is working closely with leading Global Warming / Climate Crisis scientists, researchers, experts and educators in the area of development of curriculum development to educate and activate the general public, and children specifically, through a series of online and classroom interactive lessons that teach children from kindergarten through 9th grade how to be a good steward to the environment.


EarthLab is the first climate crisis community designed to be a voice and forum for people interested in leading a more earth-friendly, healthier, cleaner and environmentally balanced lifestyle. EarthLab is a multi-platform media brand and gives a practical guide to green living. Via community interaction, content, surveys, and easy lifestyle tips to help the environment, EarthLab helps make a difference in your home, your neighborhood, your city, and the world.


EarthLab features the most widely used carbon index and lifestyle calculator and profile that leads members through a personalized Earth Conservation Plan (ECP). The profile includes an easy-to-use survey that generates personal carbon output and ECP scores, and saves and tracks results. The creation of a personal and private strategy focused on environmentally friendly options provides an opportunity for individuals to educate and activate themselves while embedding a green approach to their lives. EarthLab members can make pledges to affect small changes in their lifestyles and habits to instill a green approach to living, which improves their score over time. EarthLab also offers exclusive Climate Crisis related content, advice from experts, and key analysis.


Anna Rising, Executive Director

Anna leads the foundation’s mission focused on strategic priorities, global development, monitoring results, and facilitating relationships with key partners. Anna has a diverse background that spans both the corporate and the non-profit sectors. Her long history of local and national political involvement includes organizing, fundraising and strategizing at all levels, as well as congressional campaign management.


Anna’s non-profit experience includes participation on numerous boards and committees focused on environmental, political, community and animal welfare issues. She has often been elected to leadership roles through her management, organizational and fundraising skills. Prior to joining EarthLab, Anna was a Senior Vice President at Kennedy Klein, LLC and was Vice President at ROI International. Her experience also includes international joint venture consulting and property management, as well as regional sales management, and executive management for environmental service companies.


Anna received the President’s Volunteer Action Award, awarded by President George H.W. Bush in April 1989, for her extensive volunteer work with rescuing and rehabilitating marine mammals at the California Marine Mammal Center. After Hurricane Katrina, she took four trips to New Orleans to rescue pets left behind after the hurricane. Anna is also featured in the book, RESCUED: Saving Animals from Disaster, and in the soon to be published, Embrace of Faith: Animal Rescue in America. She has participated in numerous international research projects focused on species and environmental preservation.


Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with an emphasis in International Relations, from the University of Washington and a Certificate in Hazardous Materials Management from University of California Santa Cruz.


Johanna Sorrell, Program Director, Environment

Johanna leads the foundation’s efforts to help develop and deliver low-cost, compelling online tools and offline and online programs to help educate and serve citizens while conducting outreach and education toward designing and promoting policies that accelerate the deployment and development of clean-energy technologies, and identify ways to adapt to climate change. Johanna is a highly experienced environmental educator, naturalist, wilderness instructor and active nature enthusiast. Her expertise spans from the classroom to the mountain tops where she has created and directed curriculum and outdoor environmental experiences for people of all ages and walks of life.


Prior to joining EarthLab, Johanna served as a faculty member at Dunn School, where she co-founded an anthropology program, created and implemented original curriculum, and also coached men’s and women’s lacrosse. Additionally, she has five years of experience as a backcountry guide and wilderness instructor with the Hyde School and Adventures Cross Country. As a guide she facilitated all aspects and logistics of academic and backcountry-based programs, served as head of medical and safety management, community outreach coordinator and staff trainer.


Johanna has also worked with Naturalists At Large, as a communicator and educator and facilitated natural history and science-based educational programs for all ages and in locations spanning each of California’s unique ecosystems.


She holds a Master of Studies in Environmental Law from the Vermont Law School and is completing an independent research paper on comparative protections for Inuit and polar bear in the face of global climate change.


Johanna is a certified Wilderness First Responder and when she’s not educating or guiding people through the backcountry she enjoys running marathons, playing the cello and guitar, cooking, climbing, Ultimate Frisbee, traveling and spending time with her dog, Breeya.