8 Best PDF To Word Converter on Windows

[Update 4/16] PDF To Word Converters are very essential tools when it comes to handling PDFs. For those who have been torn in a state of dilemma on whether they should acquire one or not then here is an encouragement if it is what they need to make you acquire one. However, reaching the idea of settling for the best PDF to Word converter may be another task all together. That should not be something to worry about anymore as with the breakdown below, it is a guarantee you to find that converting software that fits appropriately to your needs as far as converting is concerned.

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Nemo PDF Converter

Nemo PDF to word converter_33

For all those first time users that are looking for converters that will fully serve them fully look no far cause you have settled on the most appropriate converting software. Softnic software offer the best PDF to Word Converters all who have used any of their programmes will bear me witness. One thing that you ought to keep in mind is that outputs of converters vary a lot and finding one that deals easily with documents without pictures is very easy but those that have photos inserted and still convert quality work are very rare.

  • Supports batching and converting of files partially thus saving some great amount of time.
  • After the process of converting files you will notice that graphs, tables, images and texts are well maintained and saved in the output yielded.
  • Converts PDF files into completely all editable Word and RTF formats in a matter of seconds
  • Runs in the following Windows Operating System,; XP, Vista, 7 and 2003.
  • It offers an instant and easy converting process [pdf to word] that takes only three steps
  • Files once converted can be converted and multiple files are converted very fast into one.

 Free PDF to Word Converter


The only feature that lacks in this top PDF to docx software is that it does not support the drag and drop feature mechanism that tends to slow things down. However, this is not a widespread problems as there have not been any major complaints about it. The process might be not enjoyable as the programme appears as it is very predictable once you have activated the Uses Text Box. It is recommended for light PDF tasks that for everything we give it all the credits, awarding it the tittle of best PDF to Word converting application for lightweight converting needs. For heavy tasks it is not recommended though.

  • Increases compatibility of files avoiding issues of file being unable to open even in widely used formats such as the Word documents.
  • It has a straightforward interface as it is a little program which has been well designed to perform its intended tasks.
  • It converts with minimal fuss because it has a single function that is observed throughout and why should you have any problem that offers a very tiny install footprint?
  • Apart from pdf to word converting it offers extra production such as batching.
  • Users can also choose the destination of converted output themselves to avoid your output from mixing with the original files.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter

The TalkHelper is another one pack that can be relied upon as it provides a set of very fantastic options and produces output that every other pdf to doc converter wishes to offer. It is suitable for all occasion usage. The end results are of high quality and you should try it to enjoy premium services at a very low cost compared to other premium services from other converters. From the features below you will realise finding the best PDF to docx converter is not something that does not exist. At least the TalkHelper PDF converter disapproves that!

  • TalkHelper brags of having the top capability of performing conversion of multiple pages
  • It has very intuitive face and well equipped backlog to work with.
  • Supports the conversion of PDF files into multiple file formats such as DOC/DOCX, PNG, JPG and even HTML.
  • It comes with already customer service that is willing to help any of its users whenever they need technical assistance.
  • Allows extraction of texts of documents especially when dealing with just a range of texts in a file.

UniPDF PDF To Word Converter


We all know what it feels like operating on a PDF to word converting software that is full of malware, viruses to spyware, you mention them. UniPDF Converter knows nothing about such since it is one of the very few that guarantees you a converting software free from Trojans and such kinds of malwares. Its conversion is irreplaceable and really impressed me. It may not look sleek as what others look but it is quite easy to use and operate. What else what would you be looking for if not the UniPDF Converter? Let’s breakdown its features and see what to expect from it.

  • It does not restrict to any size of files to be converted thus reliable for heavy conversion of files.
  • It is not identified with any form of complexities at is straight forward and has no confusing options and steps as identified with other converters.
  • Not only does it convert PDF files to word documents, it also converts images into multiple formats such as PNG, PCX, TGA, BMP and JPG.
  • It supports batching that has a top output in terms of output.
  • Fonts, styles, texts, graphs and tables are maintained and could even be confused for the source document.

Adobe PDF Converter

Adobe PDF converter_7

Adobe PDF Converter is an easy to use PDF to docx converting tool that does not need any assistance or guidance to have your work done. It has online services that call for agreement and additional terms. However, to be on the know, it may not be available in all countries and languages. Otherwise from those few pullbacks it works perfectly well. It comes with different versions to ensure that it is friendly to your wallet and at the same time give you the best services you could ever think of. The best version being Acrobat Pro DC that requires annual commitment.

  • The Acrobat PDF Converter does not give tedious instructions of first updating a paper word document or Optical Character Recognition steps by user can edit PDF files with customised fonts similar to those of printouts.
  • Once you have scanned your documents, the Acrobat PDF Converter takes care of the rest where it involves of the OCR hence user does not have to get bothered over such issues.
  • User can also scan files to searchable PDFs and convert images as well into searchable PDF/Word files. That are easy to archive and share.
  • To keep materials together it also supports merging of files.

Icecream PDF To Word Converter


This is one of a best pdf to word converting tool that comes with exclusive features that by far outdoes most converting tools and deserves a seat at the table of top notch converters.it has been designed to meet all your PDF converting problems and from the tests carried out it is evident it delivers even beyond expectations. With features the Icecream PDF to Word converter you shouldn’t be hunting for converters anymore. Actually it approves to be the best converting software in the market. It allows a number of converting editing styles such as adding filters amongst many others to play with.

  • Its interface is available in a number of different languages.
  • Has a very easy to use interface to ensure everyone even a first timer to convert files successfully without any help.
  • Conversion is very fast and starts instantly with the push of a green button but may however vary depending on the size of file converted.
  • Supports merging of files that need to be compiled together for a singular project as well as split files where need be.
  • Adding of files is fast through dragging and dropping them or by easily through the Windows Explorer.

Soda PDF To Word Converter

Soda PDF Converter_6

Soda PDF to Word Converter is a good program that you wouldn’t want it missing in your device especially if you often handle PDF files. It has not only established itself on how it performs tasks but also across various social platforms and the statistics can prove that. If you frequently use social platforms, you must have heard of it. It also gives a 100 percent satisfaction as from the customer reviews. This suggests that if at for any reason you are looking for a convenient software that will cater for all your converting and editing tools the Soda PDF Converter must be your answer. What else would you search for other than satisfaction?

  • It is an online PDF converting tool that creates PDF files from over 300 other kind of different file formats.
  • Features a one of its own feature that is the 3 D paper flicking technique that allows user to turn pages as if it was that of a book.
  • User can restrict permissions by adding 256-bits encrypted passwords.
  • Supports the digital collection of eSignatures.
  • It features in the cloud once accessed from any mobile device where you can very easily prepare and send contacts directly via the application.
  • Also features development changes that are very many to choose from, ready to cater for your need customer assistance and licensing discounts.

Nitro PDF Converter


The Nitro PDF Converter is the biggest breakthrough the entire pdf to doc converting software will ever have.it has been the number one solution to over 2200 users across multiple sites. It has been efficient to top world’s organization over the past years, 2005 to be precise. For those who have worries on how to use it, should never think of Nitro PDF Converter as a very complex and good software because it has a very intuitive user interface making adaption very fast and shortening the learning curve. It also provides features similar to that of Adobe at half the price. What more would you ask for from a converter?

  • Allows user to user request electric signatures anytime from their desktop or device.
  • It supports the optical character recognition that improves scanning of PDFs into searchable documents with the colours of the document being precise.
  • Texts can be modified, added or deleted into Word/Doc/Docx or Office files.
  • It converts PDF files into Excel, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint within a very short time.
  • For reviewing, it supports commenting that can be traced, annotations and version control as well as collaboration with other colleagues.
  • Nitro PDF Converter allows merging of multiple files into a single editable PDF document for easy sharing and view.


From an honest angle, even while writing this article, I was thinking which would be the best PDF to word Converter to cater for all my needs. I had to test several software to land myself the most appropriate one for me. It is normal to take time finding the ideal converter. The above review is just a well summarised guideline of the top converters o work with. From such a range of top notch software you cannot lack the one that suites you well if not perfectly. Users should stay woke from purchasing converting tools that do not deliver.